The 5 Best Smart TV Box To Convert Your TV Into A Smart Center

With this Smart TV Box innovation technology, you can turn your television into a center for intelligent multimedia content.
But what’s up, I bought products of very poor quality, there are some that do not have optimal performance and have too much lag making navigation impossible.
Another one of the most common errors, and that more headache is that most of the time these units do not work well with Wi-Fi. For that reason, you should know how to choose the best Smart tv box to have no worries of any kind. Not to count the times it stays loading, or simply can not visualize anything.

Has not happened to you that the integrated remote control does not work and you have to use the mouse? Well. To me, yes. But with this comparative list that we have written, you will be able to find out about the five most reliable and profitable options of the whole market at a really affordable and less expensive price.

What is the best Smart TV Box?

Best Smart TV BoxOne of the most important elements to consider is the processor that these Smart TV Box devices included, this will allow having a much better performance of the Android operating system. Also, take a look at its 4K compatibility because it is a future return.

Many manufacturers use an old processor to keep production costs low, which makes multi-tasking impossible, and which inevitably leads to freezing or latency of the TV. Also, for better audio quality, look for a device that is capable of offering a 5.1 port.

If it has the H.265 encoding it will allow a more efficient decoding of large videos to obtain a higher quality and clarity of reproduction resolution. Also, seek to have integrated a mouse – if it is better wireless; and if possible, try to include a keyboard in the same way.

1.Puersit Android 7.1 TV Box

Internet on your TV

  • This equipment will provide high connectivity and good surfing satisfaction on the internet thanks to its technology.
  • It is capable of being installed on any computer with an HDMI port. Your player will allow you to view contents in Full HD 1080p quality. It has a free code browser, and also allows an IP connection either by Ethernet cable or Wifi.
  • The online updates you make of the software will be completely free, it has DLNA, and do not worry anymore about the cuts in the streamings, thanks to this complete unit you will not have to worry about it anymore. It shows universal compatibility with all types of wireless keyboards and mice via USB.
  • Its dimensions are very small, it has a measurement of 11.7 x 10 x 4 centimeters and a weight of 178 grams. In the box, you will receive a remote control, a power adapter and also a remote control for convenience.


2.MINIX NEO U9-H Android 6.0 64-bit

A very advanced unit

Enter the world of high fidelity sound in your own home thanks to the Home Theater capability that integrates this product.

  • It is capable of supporting a wide variety of the most popular video and audio formats so that you have the freedom to fully enjoy all the average content found on the web.
  • Get high-definition images and new sizes with built-in HDR10 support, which expands the color spectrum to show brighter whites and darker blacks, accentuating contrast to create a brighter and more natural visual experience.
  • Its high-end technology is made with an Octa-core processor, so you do not have the stress of having to watch the monitor more and more hung up than before. It has a cooling system that prevents the box from overheating.

3.Android TV Box Rikomagic RKM MK902Ⅱ RK3288

Ideal for Spanish

Are you looking for efficiency and high connectivity? This equipment that integrates a European power adapter – which will remove the headache of those American units that are impossible to connect to our outlet – has an RK3288 quad-core processor up to 1.8 GHz, with ARM Cortex-A17.

  • The operating system of this equipment is the Android 4.4 and runs at 2gigabites and 16G of ROM with a high memory capacity. Bluetooth connectivity is 4.0.
  • Its technology allows you to display web pages with the highest HTML5 technology, and supports Flash 11 codes.
  • You can enjoy more than 600,000 applications on Google Play.
  • The speed when connecting an external mouse or keyboard will be very high, thanks to its 2.4GHz port, and the slot to insert a micro-SD card will allow expanding the memory up to 32GB.
  • It supports a large number of video files for greater flexibility.


4.Abox A3 TV Box Amlogic s912

An economical and good option

Do you want to enjoy the maximum experience of Android 6.0 on your TV? With this equipment, you will achieve an incredible browsing experience thanks to the way it has been designed.

  • It is integrating a RAM of 2GB and including a ROM of 16GB.
  • No more delay when buffering.
  • Its innovative system includes an Octa-core AmlogicS912 processor.
  • The speed and performance of this box are truly amazing. You will enjoy a great experience when viewing content in 4k, and it has H265 and VP9 decoding support. It has 10 bits of HDR color.
  • The connectivity is based on a system of dual bands at 2.4GHz with a wireless internet speed of 5GHz. The Bluetooth port speed is 4.0 and supports an Ethernet input.

5.Bqeel AX9 Max Android 7.1 4K TV Box

Maximum operation

Enjoy a navigation never seen before.

  • It processed by an Amlogic Oct-Amp chip will allow maximum satisfaction and will reduce the screen congestion and freezing times to a minimum.
  • It has an internal storage of 32 GB; enough to store really useful information.
  • Thanks to its dual-band technology, the Wi-Fi signal will be much more stable, showing really high force rates.
  • It has a 2GB RAM memory and a 64-bit integrated processing chip, including 4K support. One of the best options for external connections.

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