The 5 Best Flight Simulators to Virtually Pilot Your Aircraft Video Games

If you are looking for a simulator to practice your weekly flight hours or you are just a fan of fighter planes and you need to pivot on a base, change the direction or angle of the objects or perform aerial acrobatics in different video games, we suggest you that you continue with us since we will offer you a selection of the best flight simulators to pilot virtually.

These interesting devices were launched on the market for the first time in 1967 for the console Magnavox Odyssey, allowing since then, the player immersed in a cockpit, will control the horizontal and vertical position of the screen.

However, in the current times, these electronic equipment have advanced much more, managing to behave like true air navigation instruments, granting players and practitioners to experience a real sensation in this type of video games.

So if you are looking to know which are the best manufacturing simulators before giving a click to buy, we invite you to continue reading this review and listing.

What is the best flight simulator?

best flight simulator

Nowadays there are numerous flight simulators available for sale in specialized video game stores as well as in online stores.

Most players only comply with an ergonomic design and that the main buttons manage to work correctly.

However, there is much more than that because those who are interested in piloting World War II aircraft, a Tomcat F14, or a helicopter, know that choosing the right command can become a challenge and make the difference between the success and failure of a mission.

Therefore the fundamental thing that you must consider apart from the budget, concentrates on the specifications of the product and in the quality of the materials.

The following is to make a comparison between the types of flight controllers, such as:

Joysticks in one piece (correspond to the classic model, suitable for all types of users, especially novices)
The HOTAS design (with a separate control and accelerator unit: ideal for virtual pilots and professional gamers of modern combat games)
The Yugoslavians (Control that allows piloting peaceful flight simulators, that is, large aircraft)
Other aspects to consider before making an adequate acquisition, can focus on the load control of the club, which determines the difference.
The computer programs and the software test and calibration would be other aspects to consider.

# 1 Flyer Contact CH Products Flight Sim Yoke

Realistic experience

The Flight Sim Yoke is a 5-axis flight rudder and 20 pilot buttons designed for flight simulation and pilot training that belongs to the brand Contact CH Products.

It has 5 axes and 20 buttons, X axis and Y axis in the handles for aileron and elevator, Z axis, R & U in levers for the accelerator, strut, mixed.

It has a total of 144 programmable functions with optional programming software. It is compatible with Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, Vista, 7, 8,10 and Macintosh.

Its handle is ergonomic with a smooth and realistic movement of entry and exit, with control of butterfly, propeller, and mix at your fingertips.

Its dimensions are: 30.5 x 25.4 x 25.4 cm and its weight 2.1 Kg.

Although its price is not economic, its quality and benefits are formidable.

# 2 Wheel Stand Pro – Steering Wheel / Remote Saitek Pro Flight Yoke System Deluxe V2

For adventures on wheels or as rudder

If your thing is wanting to take simulation game modes to unsuspected levels this could be your choice.

This accelerator dial with adjustment wheel and panels is compatible with the Thrustmaster T500RS and Logitech G25 / G27 Racing Wheel Simulators.

The device will allow you to adopt a very comfortable posture, it is easy to install it. You can use it for both PC and Xbox 360 console.

It is made of plastic and stainless steel. Its weight is 8kg and its dimensions are 68.6 x 40.6 x 12.7 cm. It is a product of good quality.

# 3 Logitech G Saitek PRO Flight Yoke System

High-level simulation

This complete flight simulation system has lever controls with great authenticity covered in stainless steel, its acceleration dial is 3 axes; additionally, it has a view selector, 14 control buttons with a 3-position switch.

It is ideal for enthusiasts or experts of the flight simulation, you will obtain a realistic and precise control while exercising the muscular memory, the control lever simulates the real piloting of an aircraft.

You can use it on Windows XP, XP64, and Vista platforms.

It uses a shaft of stainless steel with bearings that ensure the precision control of elevators and ailerons.

Its dimensions are: 46.4 x 31 x 18.5 cm and its weight is 4.2 kilograms. It is a product of good quality.

# 4 Flight Console with 3 Seitek Power Levers

Ideal for PC

This quadrant of acceleration consists of 3 levers to control the instruments of the simulator in full flight; thus allowing to increase the number of axle controls (gas control, a richness of the mixture, etc.).

The device has Saitek Smart Technologic programming software, which will add an excellent sense of reality. It is self-powered by means of a USB port.

It is compatible with operating systems: Windows XP, Vista and W7. Its weight is 1 kg and its dimensions are: 30 x 11.5 x 15.5 cm.

Its cost is affordable.

# 5 Thrustmaster T.FLIGHT HOTAS X

Economic item and compatible with PS3

If you want a joystick that gives you a pleasant touch, realism, precision and that you can otherwise preserve your programming in your memory even when unplugged; The Thrustmaster is a good option to consider.

This product is compatible with Windows XP / 7 / Vista platforms and the PS3 console. It has 12 buttons and 5 programmable axes, its gas lever is real size, it is removable.

Its dimensions are: 26.4 x 24.2 x 26.5 cm and its weight is 2.1 kg. It is worth mentioning that it is the least expensive product on the list; even so, it is a product with highly recommended features.

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