The 5 Best 3D Printers for You to Prototype What Pleases You in Great Quality

Now, in the exercise of the race, I have discovered an amazing novelty in 3D designs and I have decided to look for the best 3D printer in the market.
When I was in architecture faculty, I spent hours in a great job Detail with models of buildings and constructions. I had square eyes and I was never really satisfied.
One afternoon in a summer course I presented the model of a hospital, after all the work night the model did not hit well and a small aesthetic fault made me suspend the subject since then the prototypes were my nightmare.

I will be able to do the scales more simply and without mistakes! It will be a pass, especially if I make a comparison with the suffering of the uni.

The best thing about these printers is that they came as a gift from heaven and you can give them multiple uses in different areas of daily life.

What is the best 3D printer?

If you are determined to buy, you must make the investment for a printer that covers your needs, for that, you must take into account some considerations before the selection.

  • The first thing is how much money you have because the type to choose will depend on this.
  • The fused filaments (FFM) are usually cheaper, easier to use and simple than those of stereolithography (SLA), so this data will give you an idea.
  • The price also has to do with the capabilities and features of the device, the double extruder, for example, tends to be a little more expensive because it degrades and mixes materials and colors.
  • Another essential point is the material with which you will work, the FFM use different materials, light polystyrene, nylon, wood, polylactic acid (PLA), acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, among others, the SLA only accept resins, so it will depend, once more, of the use.
  • Look at one with a simple software, a good resolution that allows clarity and clarity in printing and that, in addition, print quickly is always an additional bonus.

Each quality will allow you greater benefits when it comes to printing results.

If you still have some confusion to make your selection, maybe this list can help you.

# 1 3D Printer BQ Hephestos 2

Perfect for beginners

This printer is manufactured with frame and base of powder-painted aluminum, hard chrome bars for the Y-axis, more flat slide guides system for the X-axis and flexible couplings for the threaded rods of the Z axis.

  • It is a device that prints in 3D different types of pieces that you can use in society and that will make your life easier. It is guaranteed by the quality of HQ.
  • It has 50 microns of resolution of layers, has a print volume of 210 x 297 x 220 mm.
  • It comes with standard SD card reader and Micro – USB type B port.
  • Those who already have it stand out that it is not a complicated assembly device, but it is slower than the manufacturer specifies.
  • It is a great device, very high performance, perfect if you are starting in the field of 3D printing.

# 2 FlashForge 3D Printer Creator Pro

Reliable and of quality

If you are in search of a 3D printer with which you can start in the world of the manufacture of pieces with this type of impressions, this can be your device.

  • It is designed with lightweight and reinforced methacrylate and polycarbonate structure with integrated LCD frame and flexible methacrylate base plates for the Z axis.
  • It has an LCD screen with rotary selector and pushbuttons, it also works with printing speed of 50 to 250 mm depending on the material, software and profile used.
  • One of its great advantages is that it prints pieces in two colors or two materials with a single extruder and you can use with this machine practically all the existing materials in this area: polyester, nylon, thermoplastic, bronze, ceramic, wood, copper and flexible filaments, among others.
  • It is developed with free software 100% free, which will give you the facility to update it as many times as necessary.

# 3 Hictop HIC-3DP20

Easy to install

The HicTop brand makes available this device, which prints in large dimensions with a size of 300X300X400 mm, which means that with it you will no longer limit yourself to small models, you can create bigger ones.

  • One of its best qualities is that it is an easy assembly model, that is, basically, because it comes with large preassembled pieces that you only need to attach to start using your printer.
  • Installing it will only take you half an hour.
  • It is a product of good quality, those who have it praise its simple operation and print quality and low noise level
  • It is an affordable product ideal for average and expert users who work with Windows operating system and free software with 0.1mm printing precision and layer thickness of 0.05 and 0.4mm.
  • If you want to invest in a good device without staying broke, this is your option.

#4 Anycubic i3 MEGA Printer

Assembly in three steps

Built at a high volume of 210X210X205 mm, this printer, suitable for friendly users, comes equipped with a 3.5-inch TFT touchscreen.

  • It is the least expensive device of the selection, so you have available a high-quality product at a very low cost.
  • Those who already have it stand out its ease of assembly, with three steps, in less than 15 minutes and you have it operational. You only need 8 screws and insert three lines.
  • It comes equipped with an integrated hotbed with a special glass layer and patented surface coatings.
  • It is ideal if you already know the process of 3D printing fairly well.
  • It has a layer resolution that begins at least 50 and exceeds 100 microns, reaching 300.
  • It supports various types of material, including Poly Lactic Acid (PLA), Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), hyps filaments or high impact polystyrene, and even wood.

# 5 Giantarm Mecreator2 3D Printer

Compatible with multiple filaments

Equipped with a box-shaped design and dimensions of 160X160X160, this printer is a new and improved version of the previous Creator and also has two new functions, improving the printing precision and the positioning of the X / Y and Z axes.

  • It has the volume that does not reach x 180mm, however, it is efficient and large capacity. Work with Windows, Mac, and Linux which is an open source software, the latter will allow you free updates.
  • Its shaft rods are resistant to wear, both the X, Y and Z axis are made of stainless steel. Given its structure, it is a fairly light product.
  • It is compatible with filament supports, both ABS and PLA, responsible for the creation of numerous structures in this type of printers.
  • It is guaranteed 90 days for the extruder and 12 months for the rest of the parts of the equipment.

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