The 7 Best iPhone X Cases, Perfect to Give Your Phone All the Protection It Deserves

Apple has revolutionized the world of technology for decades and this year is not far behind, the famous brand of innovation has introduced the iPhone X to the tenth anniversary of the launch of one of the most popular and modern devices of our era.

After months of waiting and speculation, this Friday, November 3, Apple users finally have the opportunity to buy the best smartphone in the market.

The Iphone X stands out for presenting a unique and sophisticated design, equipped with a display screen that goes from edge to edge and dispenses with buttons. It has a new Apple operating system called iOS 11.

In addition, it is equipped with an advanced facial identification technology, intelligent cameras equipped with motion sensors to register your expressions and share them in a fun way through “emojis”, a system that recharges the battery without cables and a solid body construction, resistant to water and dust.

If you are one of the lucky ones to own an Iphone X you will want to invest your energy and money in extending the useful life of your equipment, giving it all the attention it deserves, for that reason, today we present the best protective cases designed for the phone more incredible story.


1 Submersible case with screen protector for iPhone X Life Proof Free

Submersible cover in the water

Life proof iphone x case
We present an ultra-thin and functional rigid case . This cover will give your new device maximum protection in the most extreme circumstances.

It is a case resistant to water, snow, dust, and shock and capable of tolerating falls from a maximum of 2 m. of height, in addition, it can be submerged for 1 hour continuously in the water at a maximum depth of 2m. It only weighs 29gr. And it includes a rugged screen protector.

 2 Urban Armor Gear Plyo Lightweight Case

It offers resistance to impacts

urban Armor gear case iphone x
It is a case of good quality and resistance, manufactured in a lightweight compound with special reinforcements to cushion the impacts of falls and accidents.

This case is super lightweight and functional since its weight reaches only 32 gr. The design is minimalist and sophisticated, comes in a sober translucent gray color. Giving the user easy access to all controls and ports of the device.

3 Kavaj Dallas IPhone X Case

A classic and stylish design

Kavaj Dallas Iphone x case
It is an elegant organic leather case that gives the user a classic and versatile design.

The design of this cover resembles the shape of a book or agenda, the front cover is provided with a magnetic closure and the case has back pockets to store cards or money.

It is a super thin and lightweight casing since it only weighs 18 gr. You can buy it in 2 colors: Cognac brown and black.

4 Clayco Argos Series iPhone X Case

Includes a special slot to store a payment card

Clayco Argos Series iPhone X Case
It is a tough, affordable and lightweight protective case . This cover is able to provide maximum protection to your device, thanks to its resistance to falls, water drops, and scratches.

It offers the user easy access to all controls on the device. The special slot allows you to store two standard size cards. The design presents an attractive metallic finish and you can buy it in two colors: Blue and black.

5 Case for iPhone X Supcase

Compatible with wireless charging system

iphone x case
It is a wonderful rigid cover, manufactured in a semi-transparent and sophisticated design, with defined edges and smooth finishes.

This case provides quick and efficient access to all functions and ports of the phone. It is provided with a slightly elevated bezel that provides greater security to the screen and cameras of your equipment. It is resistant to falls and impacts.

You can buy it in a variety of colors so that you can choose the design that best suits you.

6 Rugged Protective Case Poetic Revolution

Design available in 3 different colors

Rugged Protective Case
It is an ultra-resistant case, made of polycarbonate and thermoplastic polyurethane to give the user a long life product. The back of the cover has a textured surface to give you a better grip.

The front housing is resistant to water, dust and impacts also have a raised bevel without affecting the sensitivity or response of the commands. For a great price, you can buy this case in blue, pink or black.

7 SPIGEN Neo Hybrid Crystal iPhone X Case

Excellent relationship between quality and price

SPIGEN Neo Hybrid Crystal iPhone X Case

We present the least expensive model of our comparative selection, a protective cover with a thin, smooth and pleasant to the touch finish.

It presents a completely transparent design, compatible with the innovative wireless charging systems. The case has a special reinforcement that borders the entire body of the device, to provide you greater protection against impacts and falls.

It has been manufactured with the perfect combination of polycarbonate and TPU.

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