The 5 Best HDMI Switches You Can Have At Home Or In The Office

Changes in technology have become a real headache for connectivity.

Has not it happened to you that you have to disconnect the DVD so that the kids can play the Wii and also do not listen to the soundbar? It’s a real nuisance!

With the guys at home we have a couple of consoles for the Wii and a PS4 but when the kids go to school we like to put on a good concert in the Blu Ray, but we have to disconnect everything from the TV and sometimes we get into a mess with so much cable.

A friend recommended a switch with several ports to solve the problem, so I decided to look for the best HDMI switch available in the market.

One of these can be salvation. The important thing is that you select an apparatus that is at a good price and that meets your requirements.

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What is the best HDMI switch?

Finding a good switch depends on your needs. If you have several game consoles, home theater devices and so on, you need a great variety of ports.

The same happens if the device is for the office, you will need to buy something that supports various devices and that is operated remotely.

For most users connectivity is also essential, this has to do with the quality and speed of signal transmission of the switch. A solid, robust, well-built device will be more durable and have more and better connectivity.

In the matter of energy, there are also decisions to make, one that operates at 5V with the same energy from the appliances will be slower to respond than the one that brings a DC power cable.

As for the ports and the wiring, you must select the copper, transmit in high quality. Here you must look at the cost, the quality usually always costs a little more. It is enough that you make a comparison of what is available so that you will notice what I am saying.

If you find it difficult to make a decision, you can always resort to a guide, here we leave you the one we have done, hoping that you find it useful.

1 4port video switch

With integrated audio control

4 port video switch

If you are looking for a device with which you can connect several HDMI devices at the same time, with the monitor that has this type of output, you have reached the correct device.

The Ligawo device is basically an audio extractor switch that switches three HDMI sources, adding, in addition, automatic change function, that is, it connects to the active input and those that are not in use are turned off.

This quality is especially important because it will allow you an important energy saving, you will not have any devices that are not in use.

With this switch, the output of the image can be towards a normal TV, an image projector or some monitor. The audio is output to a system, amplifier, sound bar or even headphones.

It is a good quality device, solid and robust. It comes with integrated audio control in three steps automatically.

2 Kinivo 501BN High-Speed HDMI Switch

Useful and practical

Putting connect multiple devices with HDMI output to a single input port is no longer a problem with this switch because you can put all devices at once with this type of output.

This device is ideal for those homes that have video game consoles such as Nintendo Wii or Play Station and also have cable signal decoder, laptop computer, and even Blu Ray player.

Kinivo device manufacturer has 5 HDMI inputs for high speed in an outlet and is capable of withstanding manual switch also supports 3D and HD resolutions up to 1080 pixels.

Those who have it emphasize that it is a high-performance device that meets 100% what it promises. Small, light and very easy to handle.

The manufacturer relies so much on your product that it provides the unlimited lifetime warranty. Without a doubt, a great device.

3 HDMI 4 × 1 high-speed switch with PiP ARC IR AGPtek 4K x 2K

Elegant and efficient

high speed switch

With a fairly compact and lightweight design, the AGPtek brand puts at your disposal this switch with 4 input ports with which you can connect the same number of devices with this output.

It is a device compatible with 3D functions and also supports resolutions from 4K to 2K high definition, with a clear, clean and powerful screen color and comes with wireless remote control with which you can easily and simply change the devices and functions without having to move from the place where you are.

It is a very useful device to place in the office during the presentations in which you must have to shot the monitor, the computer and some other video device with HDMI cable.

You will also find it useful at home, to connect the DVD and the video console to the TV. It is an affordable product.

4 Wrcibo HDMI Switch 4 × 1

Mini switch

Wrcibo HDMI Switch 4 × 1

Manufactured with four ports of exit and one of the entrance, this mini switch is the suitable option to connect diverse devices with signal HDMI.

It is a small, lightweight, fully compact device that has four HDMI outputs, one input and one power supply for direct current.

One of the most interesting qualities of this device is the PIP function, which shows you, in full HD, the screen content of the image that is transmitted to the four devices, in case all are connected, with a large image and three sub-images.

This quality makes this device the most appropriate for commercial use, such as security monitors, large businesses, conference rooms, data protection and monitoring centers, education centers, among others.

It is a very solid device that comes with remote control, to make adjustments without needing to stop the monitoring area.

5 DeleyCON MK60 HDMI Switch

Does not require power supply

DeleyCON MK60 HDMI Switch

The HDMI connector of the manufacturer DeleyCON is the least expensive of the selection we have made, it has three integrated output ports and a male HDMI cable. It is a copper wiring of high purity that guarantees good signal transmission.

It has automatic switching function through which the device, by itself, recognizes which of all connected devices is on and which are not in use, this will help you save energy.

With this device, you do not need a power adapter since it generates the power automatically via a 5V signal without the need to plug it into a power socket. Another quality that highlights its saving and friendly condition with the environment.

It is small, simple, easy to save and those who have it stand out its ease of use, simplicity and great performance, they affirm that it fulfills what was promised. And, in addition, it comes with remote control.

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