The 5 Best Gel Nail Polish Kits For Perfect Manicures That Do Last

It is depressing to spend a paste in the beauty salon for a presentable manicure and that by the second day it begins to fall. I am a specialist in descaled glazes the next day.

Has not happened to you? A friend recommended me to buy the best gel nail polish kit I could find so that I would stop going through that bad time.
And is that a decent manicure can make anyone feel groomed, beautiful and safe, not so a glaze that is falling. That looks fatal and the good thing is that, with the semi-permanent UV gel polish, perfect nails can be achieved for several days. That’s why I followed my friend’s advice and decided to check several affordable options online.

What I do notice when investigating is that, depending on the brand, some permanent enamel kits may contain ingredients that are not very good for health or skin care. So before choosing, that’s another point to consider besides durability.

What is the best nail gel kit?


It’s not just about glazes. A complete one should bring other accessories so that you can do almost a professional manicure at home.

The orange sticks, the enamel removers, the UV LED lamp, among other things, are appreciable if they all come together because it can be less expensive.

Of course, good quality in the manicure kit is important. If it is a really good one, you can get a French manicure or a nail art in less than 60 seconds and it could last up to three weeks.

If you are also interested in having these products at home, I suggest that you first check the following:

Safety: Some ingredients of permanent enamels such as butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA), dibutyl phthalate (DBP), toluene and formaldehyde are linked to cancer. Be very careful to avoid them.

Curing: Most gel enamels require a curing process with UV light. For that, there are special lamps. The problem is the association of UV radiation with cancer. But the good news is that curing is also possible with LED lamps and it has been proven that there is less risk when using this type.

Proven durability: Even if you say it on the labels, only by reviewing the opinions of other users and seeing comparisons can you know if a brand really meets the durability it promises.

I tell you that, after much searching, I found these are the 5 best gel nail polish kits on the market today. Take a look and if you buy one, do not forget to tell me how it was for you, okay?

1 Harmony Gelish Gel Nail Polish

Harmony Gelish Gel Nail Polish

For those who already have an LED light machine, having this kit is the last step towards perfect nails. It is very practical because it brings several enamels, plus a convenient remover for artificial nails.

To prepare and mold the nails like a painting canvas, the package includes accessories such as an orange stick and a cuticle pusher made of plastic. The containers contain 9 ml of enamel each. If you find little, do not forget that these paintings give good coverage with just one pass and are very durable.

The result is a manicure that does not peel, discolor, splinter and remain shiny.

2 Manicure Kit 6pcs of Gel Nail Polish Elite99

Manicure Kit 6pcs of Gel Nail Polish Elite99

If you like different ranges of red, you can choose this kit that brings 6 semi-permanent enamels of those shades with 10 ml each. It also includes a base Coat & Top Coat of 7.3ml, a dryer for nails and 20 practical removers to make it easier to change the look of your hands when you want.

The colors are very cool, real and do not leave spots or wrinkles on the nails. With the UV or LED lamp, it is very easy to dry the enamel in less than a minute for a phenomenal manicure. The cosmetic home guarantees durability and resistance for 15 or 20 days.

3 Nail Gel Kit Clavuz Gel

Nail Gel Kit Clavuz Gel

Those who are looking exclusively for a variety of colors in nail gel enamels have an excellent option with this kit that brings 24 in total, about 8 ml each. Of course, to use any of them, you must prepare your nails first.

It is necessary to use a layer of the base coat, apply two layers of color and then a top coat, drying with an LED lamp after each process to guarantee the true duration of your hands with the best look. Like fresh out of the hairdresser

The resistance of the nail polish is approximately 15 to 20 days.

4 Vovotrade Nail Kit

For professional use or at home

Vovotrade Nail Kit

If you do not want a nail polish that comes off the tips of the nails soon, this option is phenomenal. Strengthens and better the brightness, besides being very suitable for both professional and domestic use.

Since the enamel is resistant, it will help those with brittle nails to strengthen them and to last without breaking for a longer time. This package has many accessories. These include, for example, three acrylic powders, nail glue and an oil to revitalize the cuticle.

It also includes, shine powders and accessories for nail art, a cleaning brush and finger separator among other things.

5 Semi-Permanent Enamel Gel Nail Kit Elite99

To choose between several colors

Semi-Permanent Enamel Gel Nail Kit Elite99

It is another excellent alternative for those who are looking for a variety of colors for their manicure. It brings 6 exactly. The good thing is that you can select the range that you like the most for those six pintauñas and they really are amazing. There is a variety of 240 colors to choose from.

It is a perfect package for personal use and to give to a loved one.

The enamels are semi-permanent and the brand guarantees a duration of 2 to 3 weeks. The colors are resistant and flexible. They do not leave wrinkles or smudges and they shine brightly. The hands are like hairdressing, of course after sealing the paint with a UV or LED lamp.



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