The 5 Best External Optical Disk Drives That Will Complement Your Notebook

My old laptop had a built-in disk reader, but it was a total nightmare.I worked very slowly and the machine hung down every second.
On more than one occasion it was restarted only because of its inability to read scratched discs and it was impossible for it to recognize some types of files, or say movies in video formats.

With the new computer that I bought, I decided to get rid of problems and selected one without a unit. I better have a portable that connects only to use and does not affect the machine the rest of the time.

Now, that I really need it, I’ve decided to look for a better external optical disc drive on the market.

Having one of these at hand will simply facilitate my work processes and, when searching for the best one, I will be able to read and write diversity of files and video formats.

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What is the best external optical disc drive?

To look for an external optical disc drive that meets your needs, the main thing that you should be clear about is precisely what those needs are.Over the years, these devices have become more modern and versatile in both design and capabilities and there are simply for all tastes and needs.

best external optical device

To buy one, you must look at its most essential characteristics and evaluate which of those you need for your work and entertainment processes.

If you will use it for playback or recording of video or data media, a unit with DVD and Blu Ray may be necessary. It is necessary that you pay attention also to the recording speed.

The unit size, storage memory, and buffer capacity are other features that you should look at carefully.

BDXL support is also essential if you will use the device for large data storage, they support 100 GB and 128 GB disks that will save you lots of money and time.

When selecting, a comparison between different models from different manufacturers can throw a light on you and clarify some doubts.

In case those doubts persist, maybe this guide can help you:

# 1 Pioneer BDR-xs06 Blu-ray 6 x Slim USB 3.0

Dependent and efficient

Pioneer bdr-xs06 Blu-ray 6 x Slim USB 3.0

This portable unit is one of the latest generation models from Pioneer, comes equipped with a soft slot loading mechanism and comes in silver, compatible with typical Mac machines and other operating systems.

It supports BDXL, Blu Ray, Digital Versatile Disk and CD media, so if in your work in front of the computer, be it work or leisure, you use these media, with this unit you can record and reproduce them without problems.

The USB 3.0 drive is also a silent device, that is one of its most striking qualities because you can work with low noise level, reading discs, BD-ROM, or reading and writing BD-R discs single, double, triple layer and up to four times.

It has greater storage capacity and can write to disks at a higher speed than other similar devices.

Gently reproduces those discs with scratches and scratches and the best! You do not need an adapter to place it.

# 2 Asus BW-12D1S-U External Disk Recorder

Fast and safe

Asus BW-12D1S-U External Disk Recorder

Manufactured with a resistant material and durable in black, this unit can support BD-R, BD-ROM, CD-R, CD-ROM, DVD + R, DVD-RAM, among others, including those media and files in 3d.

It is a light equipment, barely 1.16 kilograms ideal if you take it from one place to another. Because of its size, it is also very portable and you can place it where it suits you best.

It uses interface of a speed 3.0 and has a depth of 24.3 centimeters and is able to read discs in speeds that go from 8X to 24X according to the format that you place in the reading slot.

It is a unit compatible with the Windows operating system, made of resistant and very solid materials.

Those who have it emphasize its speed and safety as an advantage to consider. It does not require downloading of drives in an additional way so that it works optimally.

# 3 LG Optical Disc Drive BE16NU50 Blu-Ray RW

Elegant and resistant

LG Optical Disc Drive BE16NU50 Blu-Ray RW

The LG brand puts at your disposal this model capable of reading and writing without problems in formats such as Digital Versatile Disk, CD and BD, at speeds ranging from 48X to 16X.

It also supports Blu Ray discs with 3.0 interface. It works with a 4 MB buffer and is compatible for use with desktop and notebook.

This is a light product, its weight barely exceeds one kilogram and works with a range of operating temperature ranging from 5 ° C to 40 ° C.

It is manufactured in an elegant silver color whose simple design is compatible with any computer of its range.

Those who have already bought it stand out its speed as a great advantage. Above all, when it comes to reading movie files that play on Digital Versatile Disk and Bly Ray media, special software is needed with the latter.

It is affordable and efficient.

# 4 VicTsing portable external drive VTGEPC072AS-ESAE1

Error correction capability

VicTsing portable external drive VTGEPC072AS-ESAE1

With a lightweight and ultra-thin design, the manufacturer VicTising, lets you sell this reader suitable for both laptops and desktops.

It is a product resistant to scratches and made with the latest generation technology that provides performance and good quality, you can take it where you like and store it in small places without problems. This is very portable and works with interface 3.0 but also supports 2.0 and 1.0 with a stable speed of 5 Gbps in data transmission. It is efficient and ultra-fast and has professional quality.

Works perfect reading various media including Blu Ray and CD and is compatible with various operating systems including the so-called free software, different versions of Apple and OS systems.

It serves as a desktop computer as a laptop. It has a 12-month warranty and 45 days for you to try if you like it, otherwise, you’ll get your money back.

# 5 Lite-On eBAU108 DVD Super Multi DL

Simple and silent

Lite-On eBAU108 DVD Super Multi DL


The LiteOn optical reader model is the least expensive of the selection we have made for you, it works with USB 2.0 type interface and is suitable for both laptops and PCs.

It works with compatibility for various operating systems, including Apple and the so-called free software with which it also runs and works perfectly, so if your computer is one of those, this is your device.

Works with a writing speed of CD 48X and 8X for DVD + R, it is a lightweight device, small, very portable, it is made with solid and resistant materials, very suitable to what this manufacturer is used to.

It is a unit of short dimensions, light, portable, easy to store and that you can carry everywhere. It works with USB connection, it does not have HDMI output.

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Those who have it praise its speed, low noise and performance.

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