The 10 Best Cases for iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus More Amazing

best case for iphone 8 and iphone 8 plusWe can already imagine the scenario: you just bought your brand new iPhone 8 or 8 Plus like us and you are looking for the ideal case. However, you already met with a couple of models that leave too much to be desired because of the low-quality materials that start to peel and get really horrible on the days of having bought them. Worse still, you finally got that agenda-style model that you wanted so much, you kept it in your wallet with your bank cards and the magnets erased all the information that was on the magnetic tapes.

We understand the frustration, so we decided to look for the best quality model. Of course, we also look for the least expensive, as long as they have good durability, attractive designs and great convenience. Keep reading to find the ideal cover for your new iPhone.

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Best Case for iPhone 8

Remember that your new iPhone 8 comes with the back glass to allow wireless charging, so the purchase of a housing of high quality and durability is very important to prevent splitting.

Apart from that, you should bear in mind that the cover should not be so thick as to interfere with this convenient loading mode. Here we present our comparative list of the best iPhone 8 cases.

# 1 CASEZA iPhone 8 Case

Great quality and convenience

If you like the book type covers, also known as calendar style, you should take a look. This model includes premium vegan skin that guarantees a good feeling and appearance without mistreating any animal. It also has a comfortable rubber interior and an extra pocket for cards.

# 2 Cover for iPhone 8 HUMIXX

Minimalist but quite protective

This Humixx case has excellent reviews from its user’s thanks to its minimalist design that does not add bulk to the phone and that has precise and accurate cuts so as not to interfere with the speakers or the signal. It also has a protection for the rear camera.

# 3  Allovit Protective Silicone Case

Perfect for entertainment

If you are a fan of watching your favorite videos on your cell phone while lying down or in any other position, it is worth taking this model made of TPU with shock absorption capacity thanks to its raised edges that protect the screen and camera. It is transparent.

#4 Neo Hybrid 2nd generation Spigen

Beautiful design and better protection

This model comes with metallic buttons that allow you to make selections easily, is really light and thin and does not add anything to your new iPhone 8. It has a soft TPU cover and a tough PC frame to give you grip and protection.

#5 ShockTec iPhone 8 silicone case

Simple and practical

This transparent case is made of TPU, without PC layers or any other strong material, so do not expect high shock resistance. However, it does not interfere with the design of the mobile, it has the holes and buttons in the indicated places and it protects camera and screen.

Best case for iPhone 8 Plus

It’s time to see the covers for the big brother, the iPhone 8 Plus. This model has a larger screen, a double camera system that you must protect with greater precision and the A11 chip of the highest quality that you will surely want to protect from any blow.

Here we offer several affordable models for you to keep your iPhone 8 Plus in perfect condition. Do not forget that the recommended thickness of the housings for the wireless charge to work without problems is 3 mm.

# 6 Case for Apple iPhone 8 Plus i-Blason Armorbox series

Variety and high resistance

With this model, you can choose from a variety of designs in blue, white, black, pink and green. It has full access to all ports, buttons, speakers and sensors of the phone and includes three layers of ideal protection to withstand the bulkiest bumps and falls. Includes clip fastening.

# 7 WXY iPhone 8 plus case

Convenient and versatile

Apart from offering a high level of protection against falls and bumps, it has the convenience of including a magnet for the phone holders that we usually have in our cars. It also has precise cutouts for ports and buttons, PC covers and silicone and elastic band for the arm.

# 8 Case iPhone 8 Plus Caseology Parallax series

A height option

If you are interested in having a modern and different design but highly resistant, this case is ideal for you. It has a tight fit and excellent absorption of shock and impact thanks to its layers of TPU and PC. It is thin and has flexible covers that facilitate the use of buttons.

# 9 Spigen Liquid Crystal

Flexible and attractive

This case is made entirely of TPU and does not come with other layers of additional protection. However, it has reinforced edges and the necessary openings to avoid interfering with any buttons or cameras. It is available in various colors and designs and prevents the formation of bubbles.

# 10 JETech iPhone 8 Plus Case

Simple but resistant

You’re seeing one of the best models in the market, at least that’s what users say through their online comments. It has a layer of TPU and the other of PC to give you an integral protection, a slim design, absorption technology and perfect compatibility.

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